Research Team

Principle Investigators:

Dr. Ashleigh Harris is an Associate Professor and current Head of Department of the English Department at Uppsala University. Her research interests include postcolonial literature; African literature; trans-national approaches to literary studies; African-American literature; writing and theories of trauma; feminist writing and theory; creative writing; psychoanalysis, and ethics. She is currently completing a monograph on sub-Saharan African writing of the 2000s, De-Realising Africa: Afro-Africanism and the African Novel. She is also co-primary investigator on “Contemporary African Texts and Contexts: Decolonising the archive, genre and method”, STINT and the National Research Foundation of South Africa (2018-2021). 

Dr. Nicklas Hållen is currently a post-doctoral research fellow in the English Department at Uppsala University. His research interests are in colonial and postcolonial studies. In his previous research post at Linnaeus University Center for Concurrences in colonial and Postcolonial studies he investigated African-American postcolonial travel literature about Africa. 


Rodney Likaku 

Rodney Likaku is a PhD student in the English Department at Uppsala University, working on the ASL project. He is the current curator and writer for the blog. His research interest is in economic systems that govern the production and distribution of African fiction. He will blog here about his project, including the way in which thinking of emergent forms and alternative forms of production influence his thinking up to the completion of  his  doctoral book:

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